The TECHSYS concentrator application is designed as a modular SW package with a number of functions. Emphasis is primarily placed on robustness, scalability and cybersecurity requirements, thanks to which systems ranging from simple to complex are implemented, with maximum emphasis on security and reliability.

Data and Communication Concentrator

The data concentrator is used to collect and archive data from large-scale lower-level systems and transfer it to higher-order systems. A data concentrator is a typical component of SCADA systems, where it not only ensures data collection and linkage to other systems, but also provides a layer that ensures sensitive parts are securely isolated.

Datasheet Data Concentrator

DLMS Concentrator

The DLMS Concentrator is a modern element for processing commercial measurement data in the area of the production, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity, gas, heat, water and other media.

Datasheet DLMS Concentrator
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