The modular line of embedded Storm products perfectly covers customers' needs when it comes to data collection, monitoring, regulation or automation under the most demanding conditions. Integration of suitable elements from the power industry, IoT, SMART and Industry 4.0 guarantees system universality. Emphasis on robust and reliable design ensures that the Storm system will provide customers with long years of service.


The Storm-01 is the base unit of the Storm line. It is equipped with communication modules and a number of communication interfaces through which it can be easily integrated into customers’ SCADA systems.

Datasheet Storm-01


A multi-function universal measuring converter. High accuracy and a broad range of measuring, indication and protective functions, including user-defined ones. A broader than standard range of communication interfaces and protocols allows virtually unlimited integration.

Datasheet Storm-03


Storm-04 is a multi-functional terminal from the Storm family that meets all general standards for SCADA systems in telecommunications, industry, the energy sector and other fields. Typical uses include monitoring ambient conditions and consumption, signal transmission and remote control.

Datasheet Storm-04


The Storm-06 is a Storm family measuring converter designed for AC and DC current measurement. Primary applications are in telecommunications, the power industry and other fields. A typical example of the terminal's use is the monitoring of traction devices, telecommunications infrastructure and photovoltaic power plant technologies.

Datasheet Storm-06

Extension modules

Storm expansion modules extend the number of inputs and outputs available on the Storm-01 or Storm-04 base units. By using a suitable combination of base units and corresponding extension modules, it is possible to create a terminal configuration that meets the customer’s specific use and requirements.

Datasheet Extension Modules
Datasheet Storm-81
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