TECHSYS - HW a SW, a.s. Company Policy

Our goals and values:

Quality of Work

We see quality of work as a natural prerequisite for success. We want our customers to know that they will always find our products and services to be nothing but the best. We want to achieve this by not only meeting their quality requirements, but also greatly exceeding them. We also require a similar approach from our suppliers and partners. Quality control is a permanent and integral part of our work processes. We use modern equipment and technologies to maintain and continuously improve quality. Above all we also benefit from the approach of our skilled employees and their constant efforts to take an ingenious, creative and innovative approach. We are constantly improving our production quality assurance system. Not only so that we always fully meet relevant certification criteria, but primarily so that we are sure that in the future our company will still be capable of achieving the best possible results.

In the area of quality, we have a EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Environmental Protection

We are convinced that care for the environment must be a permanent and integral part of all our efforts. We know that striving to preserve a natural environment guarantees permanent sustainable development, which is why the environment and its protection is our highest priority. We try to ensure that this conviction is something that comes naturally to all our employees during all of their activities. We are prepared to further extend our activities in this area. We pledge to uphold all related regulations and fully meet all other requirements that are important for permanent environmental protection. Our employees undergo all prescribed training. Always and under all circumstances, we try to speak of our approach to environmental protection as one of our company's values. We permanently strive to care for the environment and ensure its maximum protection not only in our facilities, but when working on our customers' premises as well. We also require a similar approach from our suppliers and partners.

In the area of environmental protection, we have a EN ISO 14001:2015 certificate.

Occupational Safety

A key motivation for our occupational safety system is care for the health of our employees. We see occupational safety and care for it as a necessary prerequisite for our company's further development. In the area of occupational safety, health protection and fire protection, we see prevention as being key. From this perspective, we see compliance with all related regulations and performance of relevant activities as something that is a matter of course. We don't see an occupational safety system as something that concerns only our company. An integral part of this approach is cooperation with our customers, suppliers and partners in this area.

In the area of occupational safety, health protection and fire protection we hold a BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate.

Information Security

We constantly strive to improve processes in the area of information security management (ISMS), which we consider to be an integral part of the delivery of reliable and secure products and services. In this area we focus on ensuring appropriate data availability and integrity as well as on securing it from theft, destruction, unauthorized modification or misuse. We implement measures in a comprehensive manner, in all areas and at all levels, from physical security through appropriate technical, system and software facilities, to operational organization. Information security requirements of customers using our products and services required approval of and painstaking adherence so secure SW development methods.

In the area of information security management we are certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Transparent and Traceable Ownership Structure

The company’s shares are registered with the Central Securities Depository, thereby complying with requirements for secure and transparent records of shares. This qualifies the company for, among other things, participation in public tenders.

Prague, 11 April 2018

Ing. Zdeněk Paukner
Chairman of the Board
TECHSYS – HW a SW, a.s.

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