Software and firmware developed at TECHSYS is a key part of our products and applications. Thanks to in-house development we are capable of adapting functional characteristics of devices not only in the area of standard parameter configuration, but also by adding custom functions, addressing unusual characteristics of adjacent systems, etc.

Our many years of experience developing real-time software and embedded firmware guarantees our products and applications are the best they can be, and our ability to configure them on the software level guarantees their maximum flexibility.

Twister Software

Twister is application software for the Linux and Windows operating systems that is used in applications for the on-line collection, transmission and processing of data in telemetry, computer and mobile data networks. Thanks to highly scalable performance, it can be used in small terminals for data collection (RTU) and specialized technological monitors built on various hardware platforms. It is also very suitable for central communication network nodes and large data servers where along with long-term data archiving and display clients it serves as a base for full-scale SCADA systems.

Datasheet Twister Software

Storm Firmware

Devices from the Storm family are delivered with embedded Storm firmware. This firmware takes maximum advantage of the characteristics of individual Storm hardware clones, and includes a broad range of calculations and specialized functions for various fields as well as short-term archiving of received data.

SQL/LTA Database

Data archiving is an important part of data concentrators and monitoring and control systems. In Twister devices, data archiving is based on an SQL database supplemented with a specialized LTA (Long-Term Archiving) application that addresses specifics of data being stored in real time (including the quantity and asynchronous nature of changes) and also offers tools for aggregate operations using long-term data series.

Display Clients

Programs that make it possible to present the current status and history of monitored technologies via technical schematics, tables and graphs are an important part of our applications. Three clients are available: the TechSight smart client for Windows and Linux, the WebSight thin client and a set of applications for mobile devices collectively named MobilSight.

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