Our services complement our range of products and applications so that we are able to meet all of our customers' needs and requirements.

Custom Software

Our extensive experience in the area of software development allows us to design custom software according to customer requirements. We are prepared to perform a basic analysis, create an optimum solution and implement it as a standard software product including complete testing, creation of user documentation and training system operators and users.

Design Proposals

For application delivery, we are prepared to perform a basic analysis of the needs of future users, design an optimum solution structure and prepare an appropriate bid.

Design at all Levels

We will create appropriate design documentation of the desired level and scope. We can also offer documentation to support organization of the creation of extensive facilities.

Delivery Options

We are prepared to adapt the scope of delivery to the requirements of our customer and future client. We offer both individual products and entire applications, including supplying our long-term partners either on an OEM basis as or comprehensive turnkey projects where they can act as the general contractor.

Lease, Hosting, Services

We also offer the ability to lease products and applications. For software products and applications we offer the ability to host and operate them in our data centre (infrastructure lease) or the ability to use functions as a service.


We offer a broad range of services for comprehensive and long-term care for the products and solutions we supply, from basic service on demand, to regular care including periodic inspections, to comprehensive servicing based on an SLA that includes top-notch 24/7 support. We use modern approaches such as a non-stop hotline, a help desk and secure remote access to in-service applications.

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