Protocol Converters

The strength of TECHSYS is a rich portfolio of implemented communication protocols. We therefore offer converters for simple applications with a small number of communication lines, but also more complex converters from tens to thousands of communication lines.

Among the implemented protocols we can find the following series of protocols and interfaces:

Storm Based Converters

Simple converters are built on the Storm platform and provide conversion of simple and standard protocols for fewer communications. The HW platform Storm is designed for industrial environment.

Typical examples are converters between following protocols:

Twister Based Converters

More complex converters are implemented on the SW Twister platform. It allows the realization of simple converters but also the most complex ones with a big number of communication lines. The SW Twister HW platform is scalable, so the solution can be run on wide range of HW, from small industrial PCs to big server solutions.

Typical examples are converters between following protocols:

Datasheet Twister Software
Datasheet Storm-01
Datasheet Protocol Converters
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