SCADA TECHSYS - Universal solution for process control

SCADA TECHSYS offers a universal solution for controlling a wide range of processes. From the production, transmission and distribution of electricity or gas, through the distribution of other media, industrial production, telecommunications infrastructure, water management works to the infrastructure of transport companies.

The SCADA system offers a standard range of functional modules of its own SW Twister, starting with an advanced communication system from a wide range of standard and special communication protocols from energy, industry and telecommunications. Data concentrator functions, basic data processing, limit control, multi-level alarming with outputs to both the user graphical interface and external devices and systems (acoustic and optical signals, SMS messages, e-mails) and a widely parameterizable multi-level archive offer everything to basic SCADA functions include. This is complemented by a similar standard system of logging, alarm reports, event logs and logs for recording operator activities.

The graphical interface, based on a pair of TECHSYS visualization clients, smart / heavy SW TechSight and thin TINA SW (TECHSYS Internet NAvigator), allows you to build user-friendly, ergonomic, efficient and powerful graphical interfaces. Using either high-end display devices (video walls), powerful monitors and monitor sets, as well as ordinary office monitors and mobile (tablets, phones) devices. Visualization client applications offer a full range of freely parameterizable graphical elements, from displaying line and technology diagrams, including their animation and coloring according to status information, through advanced graphing and tabular display of value development, to integration with map servers.

In addition to the graphical user interface, the TECHSYS SCADA system also offers an interface to external systems, which will enable its integration into the operator's IT complexes. You can choose from interfaces to SQL databases, various forms of data exchange via specific tools (eg Redis blocking queues) or web services interfaces.

It is a matter of course to cover a wide range of security requirements. The principles of Cyber ​​Security are taken into account already in the development phase of the used applications, they are reflected in all levels of the SCADA system solution. Starting with the support of security extensions of communication protocols (eg IEC 62351), through the use of security means of operating systems used, to possible integration with operator security systems (AD, LDAP).

Our SCADA solution is widely scalable in terms of the HW and system environment used, multiplatform (running both in the MS Windows environment and in a wide range of Unix / Linux systems), modular and distributed. Thanks to the well-thought-out modular concept, it can be operated in various types of configurations, from simple embedded and single / stand-alone solutions, through backup configurations of the main / hot-stanby type to powerful servers and server assemblies. Solutions using virtualization and cloud system environments are a matter of course.


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