NOVINKY TECHSYS Article on Balance Systems

Article on Balance Systems

An article by our colleague Jiří Roubal was published in the February issue of the internet magazine, entitled Balance Systems.

Jiří Roubal has been working at TECHSYS since 2012 as the head of the sales department.

The article describes what our company's customers will get when they buy one of our major applications, a Balance System. The article provides a simple description of our solution's structure and a brief list of its individual functions. It can be of interest to anyone who wants to optimize their energy management and achieve significant savings when utilizing individual types of energy. Not just electrical energy, but for example also gas, heat and various media like water or industrial gases.

If you are having problems meeting agreed-upon power or gas consumption limits, if you are at risk of being penalized for failing to meet demand limits or power factor, or if you are unable to calculate consumption balance for the aforementioned commodities or other media, be it due to process losses or simply because you suspect that illegal consumption is occurring, the TECHSYS Balance System application might help you.

A link to the article (in Czech):

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